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Stainless Steel My Best Friend

As a stay at home mom, life may get boring if I don’t spend my time filling it with beneficial activities. After the kids get home from school, I spend the entire day caring for them. Having kids changed my life as I wanted to prepare more healthy meals other than the occasional eating out or having takeouts. My local SAHM book club members organised a discussion where we touched on many topics but one of the beneficial topic is the best rated stainless steel cookware sets. I would like to share my thoughts on what I learned from that discussion. There were two stainless steel cookware that really captured my interest as they even tested it out in front of us. Click here for a complete review I found.

The Invincible Roaster

I have never had or tried a roaster before but these moms have convinced me. The stainless steel roaster that one of the moms brought was made by Cuisinart. When I bake my chicken or turkey, I just place them in the baking dish and put them in the oven. It seems that if you bake with a roaster, the dish get thoroughly cooked all around. You don’t need to worry about any parts being uncooked. The rack is very solid and it leaves an inch of space for the heat to pass through. The vegetables also get cooked in the process.

You can also take the roaster in and out of the oven without worrying for it has trusty riveted handles that is also made out of stainless steel. Since it’s quite big and very durable, you can place heavy meat on it as well. Many of the moms said that it is very easy to clean and maintain. It is very budget friendly as they only costs 40 dollars. The best part is you can even save the drippings to make sauces.

The Healthy Sauce-pot

This Faberware Sauce-pot comes with a vegetable steamer and you can even heat up leftover soups in this pot. I have heard that next to 18/8 stainless steel, the 18/10 is the best quality you should get. This 25 dollar sauce-pot does not only has 18/10 stainless steel, it’s aluminium core bottom is also cladded. The 18/10 means that you don’t have to worry with scratching or dropping the sauce-pot because it’s very sturdy.

Most of my stainless steel cookware has aluminium for its core because they’re great at spreading heat. I used to have problem with uncooked food while others were overcooked but ensuring my cookware has aluminium, my food has been amazing. I’m sure that if I purchase either of these items, I wouldn’t have a problem with serving healthy food daily as both of them a great budget savers too.

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Eat Toast for a Low Carb Diet

When you are dieting, it is normal to get advice from people that you need a low carb diet. Low carbs seem to be the dieting trend nowadays, and it makes people wonder about the definition of low-carb and how many carbohydrates do you actually need in the daily diet. It might be true that fewer carbohydrates will help you to lose weight, but there is no need to eliminate all carbs from your diet.

One food that is perfect for a low carb diet is toast. It is a small serving of carbohydrates, very versatile in serving methods, and good for your health when eaten in moderation. Toast is easy to make with a simple toaster, a device you can get for a very affordable price. Here are the best toaster reviews 2016 if you’re getting a toaster.

To fulfill the healthy dietary requirements for six ounces of whole grains each day, you can use home made whole meal bread to make toast. Whole meal is better than white bread because it contains more nutrients and fiber whereas white bread is higher in sugar content. However, it is up to you to control how much you eat. One piece of whole meal toast is about one ounce of whole grain. You might also have other grain sources in your diet, so remember to include them.
When you eat toast made of whole meal bread, you get a lot of fiber that will curb your hunger because your body will need more time to digest it. Toast is also a good source of energy, so you will have more energy even though you eat less. Eating less means fewer calories and thus this helps you to lose weight. Being both energy-filled and fiber-rich, toast is a good option for a low carb diet.

Making toast is so simple that you can eat toast any time of the day. Most people eat toast for breakfast, which is great to start up your inner mechanisms and give you energy for a few hours. Toast can also be a quick snack when you feel hungry between meals. It is much better than other snacks of processed food which are usually packed with calories and sugar and most possibly will not even make you feel full.

What’s more, you can eat toast with anything you can think of. People have come up with all kinds of combination food to eat with toast; sweet ones like peanut butter and jelly; savory ones like tuna and mayonnaise. Nevertheless, it is again up to you to control what you put on your toast. It is illogical to think that you can lose weight if you pile a load of fried bacon and eggs on your toast.

If you search online, there are people who suggest a million ways to eat toast that you would never have thought of. Try to put something rich in protein on your toast to complete your balanced meal. We highly suggest canned sardines or mackerel; they are really tasty with toast and very rich in nutrients as well.

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Why I Have A Masticating Juicer In My Kitchen

As a parent who takes my family’s physical well-being very seriously, I want to make sure that every piece of food I put on the family table is healthy and full of nutrients. This is why I regularly include drinks made from fresh fruits in our daily diet. Based on my experience, making fresh drinks can be difficult if you don’t have a good and efficient juicer. Either you can’t take out all of the juice and pulp from fruits like oranges and pineapples or the resulting juice is too thick. Fortunately, I came across a masticating juicer that’s really efficient in compacting and crushing fruits to squeeze out the juice.

Child drinks milk shake

The main difference between a masticating juicer and a standard juicer is that the former is more effective in squeezing out liquids from fresh fruits. This is because it makes use of a single gear and a blade. Usually, I would just slice mangoes, oranges, or pineapples into small chunks then put them into the juicer. After turning on the juicer, it will slowly spin, crush, and squeeze the fruits to turn them into liquid form. There are many types of juices that you can make. However, I prefer combining several fruits to come up with a drink that’s both fresh and healthy.

The best masticating juicers in the market today are the ones that make use of a juicing system that’s designed for low speed but has high efficiency. This makes sense because it would take time to compact and crush fruits into liquid form. One of the great things I realized about masticating juicers is that the juice they produce can last for up to 72 hours. I would usually put them in the refrigerator to make them last even longer. The juicer I own has a big container which means I can make at least three glasses of fresh fruit drinks in just one go. (More: What is a masticating juicer)

I also use my masticating juicer for other purposes aside from making fruit drinks. I regularly use it to crush and squeeze vegetables and herbs which I use as cooking ingredients in my kitchen. The juicer’s power is really impressive considering the fact that it can crush and squeeze vegetables like cabbages, cauliflowers, and broccoli. Sometimes, I even use the juicer to make veggie drinks. If you are a vegetarian, a masticating juicer is an appliance you should absolutely have in your own kitchen.


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The Panasonic SD Automatic Bread Maker

Bread is perhaps one of the most timeless meals ever. It is one of those meals that is very popular among many cultures. It has existed for 2000 plus years and is eaten all over the world. In the early days, dough was kneaded by hand and fermentation took days to occur. Today however, we make bread in seconds using bread makers. The Panasonic SD-BMT1000 bread maker has been rated the best bread maker 2015. You can go through this Panasonic SD-BMT1000 bread maker review to find out more about this bread machine. Some of this five star Amazon rated machine include;


  • An automatic yeast dispenser
  • LCD Display
  • Horizontal Loaf
  • Baking Baking options

The most impressive feature on this machine is its yeast dispenser. It makes baking easy because there is no need to keep watch over the process and manually add the yeast. It mixes the yeast with the dough at the optimal time. Most of the people who have tried this bread maker have found that the rise was sufficient. You can set it to create a rise to suit to your preferences.

Another thing that puts this bread maker at the top is the fact that you have the option to create different sizes of bread. Its baking options allow you to use or create up to six types of different sized and shaped loaves. It also contains a delay time; this means that you get fresh bread whenever you want!

If you partial to darker or lighter crusts, you have the option to make either using this bread maker. Crust color variations range from light, middle to dark colors. In addition, you get additional options in the box including a kneading blade, recipe book, measuring cup, measuring spoon and for beginners, a recipe book.

Bakers in general have only good things to say about the Panasonic SD Automatic Bread Maker; it truly does all the work for you, and best of all, on demand!

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My Newest Find: The Best Rice Cooker

As you all know, I love to cook and I enjoy trying out different kitchen products so as to get the best out of my cooking skills. Last Saturday I was window shopping( as usual I always end up buying something). I walked into a kitchenware shop on my street and actually thought of getting a rice cooker after reading the best electric rice cooker reviews. My roommate and I have talked about how convenient and nice it would be to get a rice cooker since every time she makes rice, it turns into a burnt offering; and we are made to open the windows for the rest of the evening to air the house. I know, she is such a bad cook, but a great roomie. It’s autumn, so we need to keep the house warm, there is no way the windows are staying open until summer next year. I personally decided in my heart that I was gong to get a rice cooker.


As I’d expect, I found this amazing rice cooker, that immediately caught my attention because of its’ exterior. It looked very fancy, something I love when buying kitchen products. All shiny and quite small in size, another plus for me because of our tiny kitchen. For starters, the rice cooker comes with a menu for baking cakes, plus a free BPA steamer which i can use to steam my veggies. The rice cooker also comes with a non stick rice spatula, and a measuring cup. I tried the cooker once I got home, and I loved the results! The rice was perfect, all nice and fluffy. Finally, no more mushy or burnt rice! Lastly, the cooker plays a melody when the rice is done, which is way better than beeping. However, if you are a family of more than four, I would recommend a different brand.

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I have traveled in a Perodua


You may not have heard of Perodua. It is not surprising because Perodua is a Malaysian car. But we, i.e., my husband and I, traveled in it in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia to be precise. My son is in-charge of his firm’s office in Dubai. He often travels to countries and cities nearby to procure more orders for his firm. My son travels in company cars. His company gave him a Perodua.

I have traveled in cars of different makes. Because I had never traveled in a Malaysian car before, and because Malaysia does not exactly have a reputation of being an automobile manufacturing nation, I did not expect the car to give me smooth ride and be so spacious even though it was only a mini car. I could not but help expressing my pleasure. My son clarified that many parts in Perodua are from Diahatsu and Toyota. Effectively, Perodua assembles many cars and is therefore, more of a car assembling business rather than a car manufacturer. It hardly matters to me, as long as I am not too tired after traveling for 6 hours in the heat.


My husband spent a few hours discussing the automobile with my son. The two had what I refer to as the front seat talk. I on the other hand got lost in the story book I had taken along. Before we knew we were home, i.e., my son’s place in Dubai. I did not realize that I had slept while reading. Usually, I feel too tired to do much after traveling continuously for three hours. We had traveled for longer that day with only a brief halt for a sumptuous meal. I can’t say I relished the meal. I was hungry I guess so I ate more of it, though it was a bit too spicy for my liking. All I can say is, I enjoyed my ride in Perodua, if sleeping after a good meal qualifies as part of that enjoyment.

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Renting a Virtual Office in NYC has Given Our Business a Professional Look and Lowered Expenses

Three years after coming together, my business partner and I had successfully built one of the leading interior design companies in one of the smaller cities in the US. Clients were coming in from all over the state and we also had the occasional client from a different state. We decided to expand the business to other states. This decision was partly fueled by the numerous requests made by clients from these states. Our strategy was to first have a presence in the big cities and then gradually set up business in the smaller cities. New York was one of our target cities.

We started by creating SEO optimized websites which focused on specific cities. The websites did get us noticed by residents of these cities. However, there was a problem, even with a portfolio of projects we had handled displayed on the websites, majority of or New York clients wanted a one on one meeting with a representative. We had to fly someone out to meet with potential clients or, at times have to let the business slip by. Since we didn’t have offices in the city, meetings were usually held in hotels which usually didn’t flatter our clients. The cost of travel was also piling up.

To ensure that potential clients viewed our business as professional as well as cut on travel expenses, we decided on renting a virtual office in NYC. This decision was largely determined by the fact that office spaces was hard to find in the city and, if we managed to find space, the rates were simply too high. The virtual office allowed us to hire a New York representative whose job was to market our business and meet clients. It has worked well so far since the virtual office package includes dedicated meeting space which is used to meet potential clients. Besides allowing our business to have a professional image, renting the virtual office costs much less than what we used to spend on traveling to meet clients in New York.

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